• Web design and development for every need.

    At Alterora nothing is considered too small or too big. We cover every web design need from very small personal sites up to complex distributed web services. More specifically, we can help you build your:

    • Personal site
    • Small business informational site (services/products showcase)
    • Online store (accept online payments, shopping carts, etc)
    • Web service (example: dating service)
    • Portal (news, forums, voting, feedback forms, membership, newsletters, etc)
  • Is your site successful enough ?

    Creating a website is one thing. Establishing a successful web presence is another. Web marketing has two essential objectives:

    1. Getting more visitors to your website
    2. Converting these visitors into buyers/subscribers

    Not having a well planned marketing strategy for your online business is a costly mistake you cannot afford to make.

  • Making usable your new or existing website

    Usability testing is used to identify how actual users interact with a website. In a typical scenario, users are asked to perform various tasks (for example, find a particular product, place an order, subscribe to a service) while one or more people observe them and take notes. The goal of the test is to find out if users can complete a task easily and successfully, what paths do they take in trying, where they stumble and if they get confused.

  • Website security assessment and penetration testing

    The goal of security assessment is to identify and resolve vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the design and implementation of a given website. The process is almost mandatory for any commercial site, but it can also be used by any organization or individual that wants to improve security awareness and protect valuable digital assets from disclosure, theft or loss.

  • Website performance analysis and engineering

    Performance analysis is focused on understanding and analyzing how the website will perform under various circumstances. The goal is to produce estimates of the following key performance metrics:

    • Response time, i.e. how long will it take to perform a specific task
    • Throughput
    • Utilization, i.e. what percentage of the time is a website busy

Tools for Developers

We have decided to share some of the tools we have developed for our clients to other developers as well.

These were designed, built and evolved based on the needs, requirements and the feedback of real customers. Even though most of these tools are shared between a networked of associated developers and partners we have also launched our first application Tabulizer that is available to the general public.There are also extensions/plugins for popular CMS platforms (Joomla, Wordpress) that we have published elsewhere.