Bulk SMS & Email

Alterora provides a intuitive messaging service for group SMS and Email messaging, with unique personalization and time scheduling capabilities.

Key Features

Enjoy the unique advantages of Alterora's messaging service

  • Send bulk SMS & Email messages
  • Organize your contacts into multiple groups/recipient list
  • Import contacts from an external file/application, like Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • Send your messages at a future date and time or repeatedly (e.g. every day, every two weeks, every month, etc)
  • Send personalized messages, so each recipient receives a different (personalized) message with his name or some other parameter you have specified. Notify.gr produces automatically the vocative grammar case of the Greek names, for a more natural name salutation (e.g. Αγαπητέ Νίκο instead of Αγαπητέ Νίκος)
  • Advanced personalization functionality, with the use of custom contact fields and personalization tags.
  • Support for "long" concatenated SMS messages (up to 455 characters)
  • Support for Unicode (ucs2) encoded SMS messages, so you can send messages to all languages, including special characters and symbols.
  • Support for flash SMS messages
  • Intuitive message management panel.
  • Full history of sent messages.
  • Delivery reports for SMS messages, so you know whether a specific recipient received your message successfully or not.
  • Clear pricing - a fixed rate for all messages to all destinations in Greece, starting from the very first message
  • Full history of all payments and charges.
  • Low prices

Who can benefit

  • Individuals for personal use
  • Small businesses
  • Schools & tutors
  • Athletic teams, social & cutlutral clubs
  • Event organizers
  • Politicians
  • Many more!