Web Services

Web services made easy!

At Alterora we try to keep things simple. We don't try to impress you with computer jargon, or sell you technology that goes beyond your particular needs. Our friendly staff will help you turn your requirements and preferences into a working solution, and all that in a cost-effective and highly reliable way. Our services transcend the initial design phase, where most web designers stop, as we offer extensive support for the next two critical steps: web analysis and promotion. Feel free to contact us, or keep reading to find out how we can help you create a successful web presence.

Build a web site

At Alterora we don't use the "one size fits all" approach. Depending on the client's needs, we build websites that vary is style and complexity. A simple static site might be adequate for businesses that want to showcase their products, whereas a more sophisticated implementation is needed for web portals with automated content updates, or paid internet services. Don't worry if all these sound too unfamiliar to you. You tell us what you want to do in plain English, and we take care of the rest.

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Analyze your site

Web site analysis is one very important step that is quite frequently neglected or even completely forgotten. The motivation behind this analysis is to improve the end user experience and the protection of your valuable data. We should not forget that is the user, not you or the site designer, who will judge how good a site is. Questions that must be answered include: [1] How easily a visitor finds what he/she is looking for [2] How much time does it take to download/view a web page [3] Is your data, as well as personal information of your subscribers/customers, stored on the web site safe from intruders?

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Promote your site

The final step and perhaps the most critical is the promotion of your website. No matter how good a site is, if it's not visible to its potential visitors, it is rather useless. At Alterora we have an extensive experience on website marketing and promotion and we know all the methods and techniques that will increase the visibility of your web site, while keeping you safe from trouble. Don't fall for unscrupulous "advertisers" that promise thousands of visitors for a few bucks. Most likely you will get blacklisted by the internet community, or even legally prosecuted.