Web Marketing & Promotion

Is your site successful enough ?

Creating a website is one thing. Establishing a successful web presence is another. Web marketing has two essential objectives:

  1. Getting more visitors to your website
  2. Converting these visitors into buyers/subscribers

Online advertising, search engine optimization, directory submission, link exchange, email campaigns and affiliate programs are the main tools for generating more targeted traffic to your website. Content and flow evaluation, along with website traffic analysis, are the key methods for turning your traffic into sales/subscriptions.

The beauty about internet marketing, compared to traditional (offline) forms of marketing, is that you can have fast, direct and measurable feedback on every marketing strategy you have put in place. By examining the traffic of your website you can find out quickly where your new customers are coming from, what they like, what they don't like, whether your existing customers are happy and keep coming back, and so on.

Not having a well planned marketing strategy for your online business is a costly mistake you cannot afford to make.

Marketing & website promotion services available at Alterora


Search Engine Optimization & Directory Submission

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of changing the structure, the design and the content of a website in order to achieve higher rankings (i.e. better placement) in the results of a search engine query for specific keywords. It also involves the submission and the exchange of links with other major sites (portals, web directories) in order to increase site's visibility and “significance”.


TextAds Advertising

TextAds (Text-only Advertisements) have been proved to be more successful compared to earlier forms of online advertising (banners, popup windows, etc) because they are less annoying, faster to download, simpler and yet more effective. They can't be blocked or filtered by software, and they can reach targeted audiences by matching search terms or site content with ad keywords.


Web content and flow analysis

The purpose of this analysis is to address issues like content organization and presentation, navigation, feedback implementation and support. If the flow in your website is poor (i.e. the steps someone has to take in order to complete a task) and the content doesn't look attractive to the visitor, he/she will look for alternatives and never come back. We can also perform a competitive analysis to see where your site stands in comparison to the competition.


Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs, also known as associate programs, offer a way to promote products and services through a network of affiliates that get a commission either per sale, per lead or per click to a website. Even though there are “in house” affiliate programs, most content providers prefer working with affiliate networks as they are considered more reliable, have more options and give better service.


Traffic Analysis

Website traffic analysis is an essential task for marketers, sales managers and web administrators alike. When done properly, it can reveal a wealth of information regarding visitors' behavior, referral sites, online campaign effectiveness, etc. A valuable tool for improving the whole marketing decision-making process.


Email Campaigns

Running an email campaign can be a very tempting marketing strategy, because it looks simple, flexible (target groups, personalized messages, easy scheduling, fast delivery, tracking capabilities) and cheap. Even though there is real power behind email campaigns, extra care must be given in order to avoid common pitfalls, or even breaking anti-spamming laws.
How we can help you
At Alterora we can help you promote your site effectively and grow your business on the internet by improving your acquisition, conversion and retention rates. We have the tools and the knowledge to support all your marketing needs without going over your advertising budget. No long term contacts, no broken promises - only measurable results. Contact us today to discuss your case, or see below for more information on our services.