Web Usability

Making usable your new or existing website

What is usability testing? Usability testing is used to identify how actual users interact with a website. In a typical scenario, users are asked to perform various tasks (for example, find a particular product, place an order, subscribe to a service) while one or more people observe them and take notes. The goal of the test is to find out if users can complete a task easily and successfully, what paths do they take in trying, where they stumble and if they get confused.


Web usability, an often unjustly underrated aspect of the web design process, can contribute greatly to the success of any site. It means designing FOR YOUR VISITORS, and with that in mind a site that conforms to the usability guidelines makes visitors more comfortable and more apt to visit it again or even recommend it to other people.

At Alterora we understand the importance of a website being usable and we offer a thorough evaluation that covers all issues of usability, including:

  • Content organization
  • Titles/Headings
  • Page length
  • Page layout
  • Font/text size
  • Reading and scanning
  • Links structure
  • Graphics
  • Search tools
  • Navigation
  • Platforms issues (software/hardware)
  • Accessibility considerations


Test your site with real users and prevent problems before they arise We also plan, design and run formal usability tests with actual users from the site's target demographic. These test provide valuable information as they can help to uncover site's worst flaws, as well as other issues of crucial importance.